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The Gary and Dino Show

Feb 24, 2020

Hello Twitter world: a double murder’s take on the XFL. Controversy over Dwyane Wade’s son/daughter. Steven Spielberg’s daughter announces she’s a porn actress. Does smoker’s snatch exist? Thousands of bees attack in Pasadena. Mad Mike takes his last rocket ride. Fast Food News. Beer: Big Dog’s Las Vegas...

Feb 17, 2020

Thoughts on the Daytona 500 and NBA All Star Weekend. The latest from OJ on Twitter. Deon Sanders takes to Instagram with serious beef. Flight attendant blames the Keto Diet for breathalyzer fail. Courtney Stodden teases new tell all book. Wendy’s employees fired for bath in sink. TX naked dude busted. Fast Food News...

Feb 10, 2020

Post Oscars Hollywood breakdown. Fast Food News sets you straight on the Taco Bell menu. Craft beer hater pulls gun on beer geeks in Brooklyn. Latest on Snoop and Gayle King. Return of Nude in the News. Florida dude drops acid and shoots his own car. Beer: Tenaya Creek Old Jackalope and God of Thunder.

Feb 3, 2020

Stupid Bowl Special. A cornhole deep dive. Dopes try to rob pizza guy with toy gun. Woman dies in Australian cake eating contest. Fast Food News. Snacks: Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolates. Beer: Wild Ride Hippy Haze IPA and Reuben’s Brews Hazealicious