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The Gary and Dino Show

Jan 27, 2020

WE GET NEWS (IN REAL TIME) ABOUT THE DEATH OF KOBE BRYANT. Also... the Coronavirus is fo realz. A ding-dong ditch goes way wrong. New Big Foot sighting. Mountain lion attacks boy. Women gets vibrator stuck in her bladder. Fast Food News and more.

Jan 20, 2020

From the GND Tour Bus at the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car auction in Scottsdale,  AZ. Beer: The Beer Research Institute Morning Sex and SanTan Moon Juice.

Jan 13, 2020

Two dollar bills, flea markets, dog racing, Britney Spears and a NFL playoff jinx. Last call to join us at the Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale. Michigan’s Kevin Bacon meets a terrible demise. A psychic fleeces a woman. The Bad Wig Bandit is still on the loose. Dudes try to fake a winning lottery ticket. Man attacks...

Jan 6, 2020

DON’T BE STUNAD postmortem. Fast Food News features a White Castle run. Swingers party at hotel upsets family. Naked man leads cops on chase. Snacks: Columbian bocadillo. Beer: Kawaba Snow Weizen, Brooklyn Defender IPA and Belching Beaver Milk...